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Portable Radio Sales & Service

Small, Lightweight Handheld Radios

Portable radios are small hand-held radios with a self-contained battery and antenna. The maximum transmitter output of a portable radio is 5 watts. They can vary from an inexpensive low-powered radio to an expensive and complex digital law enforcement type radio. Our most popular portable radios have a 5 watt transmitter for maximum range and all of the basic features needed at a reasonable price.

Listed below are some of our most popular Kenwood portable radios. These radios are competitively priced and are very durable. Kenwood offers many accessories for these radios including speaker/microphones, headsets, batteries and chargers. They come with a 3 year warranty on the radios and a 1 year warranty on accessory items.


NX-240/340 (VHF/UHF)

A basic analog & digital portable radio with a 5 watt transmitter, high capacity Li-ion battery, rapid charger and belt clip.


NX-220/320 (VHF/UHF)

A higher tier analog & digital portable radio with a 5 watt transmitter, alpha display, keypad, selectable battery and charger options.

Mobile Radio Sales & Service

Perfect for farmers, truckers, construction crews, and more.

A mobile radio is larger than a portable radio and is typically mounted inside a vehicle. They have a separate hand-held microphone and are connected to a roof mounted antenna. Mobile radios can have up to a 110 watt transmitter, but our most popular mobile radios have about a 50 watt transmitter. As a result, mobile radios get much more range than portable radios. Our newest Kenwood mobile radios are very compact and reliable. They come loaded with features for any communication need. These Kenwood mobile radios are also competitively priced and are very durable. They come with a mounting bracket, power cord and heavy duty microphone. These radios are capable of a wide range of programming options, allowing us to program them to suit our customer’s needs.


TK-7302H/8302H (VHF/UHF)

A basic analog mobile radio with a 50 watt VHF or 45 watt UHF transmitter and a numeric display.


NX-720H/820H (VHF/UHF)

A higher tier analog & digital mobile radio with a 50 watt VHF or 45 watt UHF transmitter, large alphanumeric display and many data related options including GPS.

Radio Repeater Sales & Service

Expand the range of your two-way communications.

A repeater is a type of base radio that can receive and transmit at the same instant on one antenna. Typically, this antenna is located high off the ground for the best range. When a portable or mobile radio transmits, the repeater receives the signal and at the same instant re-transmits a stronger signal to all of the other radios within the system.

Below are Kenwood’s desktop or rack mounted repeaters. These repeaters are very reliable and can withstand continuous transmitting. They have a 50 watt VHF or 40 watt UHF transmitter. They can be set up with a microphone and speaker for local use or they can be installed in a remote location.


TKR-750/850 (VHF/UHF)

Analog only repeater


NXR-710/810 (VHF/UHF)

Analog & digital repeater

What does a digital system provide?

  • Digital two-way radios give clear and noise free reception at greater distances.
  • Digital radios use less power, so battery operated portable radios will last longer per charge.
  • Digital systems offer more privacy.
  • Digital two-way radio uses less bandwidth, thus making more efficient use of the limited radio frequencies.
  • A digital system can be integrated into the internet allowing for unlimited distance between operating areas.
  • Information such as text messages and unit ID’s can also be incorporated in a single digital radio channel.
  • GPS services are available with digital two-way radios.

Common Two-Way Radio Questions

How far do two-way radios reach?

The distance, or range, of a radio system varies greatly. Portable radios communicating directly to each other without a repeater will get about 4 miles maximum over level ground. When used inside a factory setting or around other structures, their range will be reduced. Mobile radios that are mounted inside vehicles, such as cars, trucks, farm equipment or construction equipment, have higher powered transmitters and better antenna systems, as a result, these radios communicating directly to each other can get 10 to 15 miles over level ground.

Adding a repeater and antenna to either of these types of systems will greatly increase the range. Depending on some variables of a repeater system, the range between portable radios can be increased to about 30 miles and about 60 miles for mobile radios.

What is an IP Network?

Multiple repeaters operating in the digital mode can now be linked together via the internet. This capability allows for unlimited distance between linked systems. A portable radio in Alaska could communicate with another portable radio in Florida using an IP networked system.

What is Digital?

Basically, digital is a new way of transmitting the radio signal from a transmitter to a receiver. Instead of transmitting a voice message over the air in its original audible form (analog), the voice is first converted to data inside the transmitter and then sent over the air. The receiver then converts the data back to an audible voice. Digital two-way radios are the next generation of radio communication. There is still a demand for analog two-way radios as they provide a satisfactory method of communication. However, just as CD’s replaced cassette tape and high definition digital television replaced analog television; digital two-way radio is now replacing the more traditional analog two-way radio. With the cost of digital two-way radios now at more affordable levels, they make a sensible alternative to the analog radios.